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Love, Light & Abundance Energy Clearing Class, 1130 am

Have you felt blocked in one area of your life? Maybe you’re not making the income you desire or you’re struggling to attract your ideal love partner? Maybe you’ve just had a hard time staying light in these challenging times?

Whatever the case, get ready for a change!

Come join us with Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer Deborah Acker, as she helps you clear some of your biggest blocks to love, light and abundance. Whether you come with something specific you’re wanting to change or you don’t know and you just want Deb to tune into and identify your biggest block in one area, come ready to return to the truth of who you are, which is always love, light and abundance and for some big shifts with like-minded individuals. Leave with new awarenesses, feeling lighter, more expansive, abundant and in love with life!

The Benefits of Energy Clearing as a Complement to Yoga:

  • Increases presence (helps you to be with what is and live in the moment)
  • Helps you to let go and clear the patterns that keep you attached and block you from more flow and a deeper practice
  • Returns you back to unconditional self-love, self-acceptance and being perfectly-imperfect
  • Calms the mind
  • Both help with deeper peace, harmony, balance, clarity, connection, healing and transformation
Earlier Event: March 27
Yoga w/ Live Drumming, 815 pm
Later Event: April 30
YOGA W/ BUNNIES; 1145 am