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LA-based Vladimir Jandov

630-830 pm - alignment workshop

8-915 am + 930-11 am - classes
1130-130 pm - therapeutic workshop

8-915 am + 930-11 am + 1130-1230 pm - classes

Amy, Co-founder & Director of Centered Studios had the opportunity to take a class of Vladimir's while traveling in CA. Quickly realizing she had stumbled upon a very special teacher, she, her husband Mitch and their 5 year old booked a yoga retreat led by Vlad in Southeast Asia. It was in Cambodia where their friendship blossomed and over the course of 2 weeks of travel, conversation, food and yoga they were continually impressed by Vlad's knowledge, authenticity and generosity. 

We are honored that Vlad has agreed to join us for what promises to be an exceptional weekend of yoga.

Introduced to yoga by his mother Sofia in the 1980's, Vlad's curiosity was sparked and he was often the demo boy showing students how to practice the asanas. He traveled to India and lived and served with the monks of Vrindavan. He studied the Gita, Upanishads and could often be found serving the local people and wandering pilgrims.

In 2001 Vlad landed in Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family at the world famous RIMYI Institute. He currently holds an Intermediate Junior III certificate in the Iyengar method, considered one of the most demanding and rigorous yoga training programs in the US. In addition to an apprenticeship with Chris Stein, he has completed a teacher training with senior teacher Karin O'Bannon and a 3-year therapeutic teacher training program headed by his mentor, Manouso Manos.

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