Angelica R.

"The ambience is very relaxing and the instructors are great! Very clean facility too, they have all the equipment and mats for you to borrow. I always leave class feeling rejuvenated and like I got an amazing workout. Our neighborhood needed a yoga spot like Centered Studios! They also offer acupuncture and massages which I'm eager to try out." - Angelica R.

Danielle Woodring - 1

"As a beginner, I signed up for a month pass and found myself there almost every evening! The variety of classes is excellent to fit whatever mood you're in that day, the instructors are very in tune to the class, and teach with knowledge, patience, and serenity; plus, there are some family classes for me to bring my baby along. The space is beautiful and inviting. Perfect haven of peace in the big city."

- D. Woodring

Christine Forster - 3

"An amazing array of class options with a schedule that honors the fact that most people work. The PM classes give you enough time to commute home without having to rush - because it's always fun to show up to yoga feeling stressed and late, right?! Rogers Park is lucky to have such a community focused gem right in the middle of the hood. Steps off the Morse Line, reasonable rates, and oh yea, acupuncture as well if you need it!"

- C. Forster

Lori Hile - 6

"Beautiful studio with high ceilings and exposed brick, great teachers, friendly reception staff, and an evening class schedule that allows me enough time to change clothes and walk my dog before class. Love the candlelight classes - and really like the yoga for strength and flexibility class." - L. Hile

Mark Hartman

"A must in every wellness program! I came to Mitch to learn more about acupuncture as well as alternative methods to treat chronic pain. Mitch is very informative and makes every session unique. As a fitness professional, I recommend Mitch to anyone looking to make a positive impact on their health." – Mark Hartman

DH - 6

"I've seen Jason for 2 treatments: once for SI joint pain, and the other for menstrual cycle-related mood swings and headaches. Jason was on time, if not early, for both visits. He really takes the time to understand the root of the problem during intake. The effectiveness of his treatments reflect his skill and knowledge base - Jason was able to markedly decrease the SI joint pain in one treatment.  I look forward to more treatments with Jason to treat the SI joint pain until it disappears completely. He has restored my hope for a pain-free body, something I couldn't achieve through exercise and yoga alone." - DH